Digital Bracket Slave Flash
DSB23 / DSB234 / DSB239

Nowadays compact digital cameras are getting smaller and thinner. The result of this decrease in size is that the built-in flash becomes weak and inept.

In terms of size, conventional flashes are too big to be used with these small cameras.

Seeing the need of small flash units, we developed bracket slave flash DSB23 /DSB23. The slave unit can be used as a power boost to the weak built-in flash when you want to shoot at a longer range.


Bracket Slave

Bracket Slave with Camera


  • Standard Slave Function
  • With mounting bracket for easily attaching the flash to the camera
  • 3 models available:
    - DSB23 with 4 levels of power ratio selection and 9 choices of slave mode
    - DSB234 with 4 choices of slave mode
    - DSB239 with 9 choices of slave mode



  DSB234      DSB239      DSB23
Guide Number (ISO100/DIN21)22(m)/72(ft)
Angle of Illuminationfor 35mm
Power RatioN/A  N/A  1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8
Slave ModeS1-S4S1-S9
Recycle Time0.5 - 8 seconds
Power Source4 X AA batteries
Dimension120 X 31 X 73 (mm)
Weight (w/o batteries)Approx. 100g